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What is the bottom line for our client? How do we achieve that with our architect? Our approach will always be a way to synthesize existing pathways that cohesively combine the future needs and integrated systems that are currently lacking.

Our team is deep with experience, shared projects, and cohesive thought on how the players interject key individual expertise that combines to formulate a holistic partnership and vision.


Quality Craftsmanship, Collaborative Construction

What does this mean?

QUAD Construction focuses on quality craftsmanship and collaborative construction to create 20th Century spaces that enrich communities, small and large. We do this with intentional planning and expert coordination for every project in both pre-construction and construction. The value we provide is customized and tailored to each individual client, and the more we understand a project’s needs, the better we can cultivate our approach. We are committed to utilizing our Self-Perform Division, Construction Management at Risk and Design-Build delivery methods to ensure the success of projects with longevity and community in mind.


QC is a common acronym thrown around in the construction industry, short for quality control. For us, QC is so much more QUAD Construction, Quality Control, and Quality Craftsmanship. Together, our team’s dedication to excellence gives us a unique advantage as part of our Self-Perform Division. Comprised of the majority of our employees, this group of union tradesmen is a great asset to our Construction Management at Risk and Design-Build services. 


Our Self-Perform Division serves as a strong anchor and support for our company’s approach to delivering projects on budget. We use this division as a tool to keep the job on track, allowing us to pick up slack where others may be lacking or perform work that a sub-contractor might not be able to get to quickly enough. We also employ this division to assist with punch lists, so that we can help close out jobs quickly and efficiently. Additionally, during the bidding process, if there’s not enough engagement, we will often place a bid to ensure we are getting competitive bids. 

We are motivated to work collaboratively with our talented tradesmen as well as our subcontractors and find our Self-Perform Division to be the perfect complement to a universally challenging trade shortage in the industry. 

We’re comprised of approximately 40 of the 60+ employees at QUAD Construction. Self-Perform trades include, but are not limited to: Earthwork, Concrete, Rough Carpentry, and Steel Erection.


Collaboration is Key.

Our company thrives in the pre-construction space, whether the project is a Construction Manager at Risk or a Design-Build delivery method. Contractually it’s different, but functionally – at least, for us – it’s not. From when we’re hired at the beginning of a project’s design phase to the completion of the build, we follow a story arch of collaboration. We do not pursue Design-Bid-Build delivery method projects because our team feels strongly about prioritizing this collaborative approach during the pre-construction phase. 

Our Pre-construction Director, Heather Gardner, presented her published graduate research internationally at the Associated Schools of Construction in April 2023 . Her study looks at the inherently different needs of each of project stakeholders’: Owner-Architect-Project Manager-Superintendent, as well as communication factors that lead to a project’s success. This study reiterates our fluid approach to projects and the necessary factors to build trust and openness between project stakeholders, and understanding that they are often different from one another. QUAD Construction is founded on the type of collaborative environment necessary to foster positive working environments.


QUAD Construction pioneered the shift from traditional hard bid project delivery to Construction Management (CM) at Risk services in 1984. 98% of our work since the company’s creation in 1976 has been “Construction Management”. We strongly believe this process encourages a relationship of trust and understanding among project stakeholders.  

We understand the unification needed between the Designer and the Contractor. We believe these project stakeholders should work together from the beginning – whether contractually or otherwise – as a team, providing project recommendations that reflect alignment and fit the Owner’s schedule and budget requirements. This leads the team to collaborative problem-solving and innovation from the beginning. 

Since our company’s shift in emphasis to CM at Risk, our brand has grown to become the most experienced Construction Manager in Central Oklahoma, specializing in commercial construction projects performed under the CM at Risk project delivery method and championing the inclusion and execution of multiple projects under the progressive Design-Build delivery method.


We enjoy removing complexity out of the contract system while organizing the chaos that often exists between project teams. Providing a single-source contract for the Owner is the fundamental difference between Design-Build and other types of delivery systems, but equally important is the culture of collaboration inherent in Design-Build delivery. We understand the gravity and responsibility that lies on our shoulders when we operate as a Design-Build team and do not take that lightly. By overturning the traditional command chain, we feel it our duty to protect the design, advocating for avenues to preserve design intent throughout the process. 

Having been previously replaced as a technical delivery approach by the D-B-B (low bid), today the Design-Build delivery method is inching back to the forefront as the standard. Design-Build is how we think naturally, it’s part of our DNA, not part of our pitch. Not a lot of people exist naturally in this space. We do.